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Bible Jokes and Riddles: Here's a few Christian Jokes and Biblical Riddles to brighten your spirit. I stumbled across a few funny (and clean) bible jokes recently.
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What did the guest sing at Eskimo's Christmas party?. Freeze a jolly good fellow. Jokes from your Milpitas guide, Ann Zeise.
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Q. Why do ducks have web feet? A. To stomp out forest fires! Q. Why do Elephants have big feet? A. To stomp our flaming ducks!
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religious Jokes. The world's greatest collection of jokes. Why? Our's are funny, theirs aren't Funny Christian Christmas Jokes Stories Kids | Providing hundreds of Christian Christmas Jokes, Stories, Riddles, Funny Sayings dedicated for your enjoyment! From Kids to Adults, you will.
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Since Brownielocks used to be a ventriloquist, she's got tons of jokes to share with you.
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Gather round the Christmas tree to share Christmas jokes and riddles - and bring the gift of laughter to your family and friends this year. Here's a list of brilliant.
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Christmas Jokes. Christian Jokes. Clean Christian jokes, funny jokes, free jokes, and clean jokes and humor about Christmas, Christmas trees, Santa, gifts, and more.
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Bumper page of very funny Christmas jokes, clean Xmas riddles, one-liners and funny short stories about Christmas. What did the reindeer say before launching into his.
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